August 18

38738 hotels in Florida, USA

As soon as you leave the thruway , on the exit ramp, headed toward the surprisingly palm- tree-lined Royal Palm Blvd., what you encounter is a beautiful city with the feel and look of a well designed, well laid-out, very well landscaped village! Especially surprising because of its proximity to Ft. Lauderdale , it is a restful oasis moving at a pace all its own…..don’t miss the Sawgrass Mills Mall ! or Flanigan’s Restaurant on Weston Rd. which is really worth a visit-or 2!! The fact the Cleveland Clinic Florida is centered there makes it perfect!- a top notch clinic, hospital and emergency room with top notch physicians and staff, that is very patient-centered. Between Hotel-offered shuttle services, public transportation, taxis and Uber/ Lyft you shouldn’t have any problem getting to where you want to be!

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