January 10

NEW ‘Platinum Dripping’ Disney100 Mickey Ear Hat & Minnie Ear Headband Now Available at Walt Disney World

The “platinum dripping” ear styles have arrived for the Walt Disney Company 100th anniversary celebrations. We found these Disney100 Mickey & Minnie Commemorative Ears at Uptown Jewelers in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Disney100 Mickey Ear Hat – $195.00

Disney 100 Mickey ears20(1)Disney 100 Mickey ears20(1)

These glimmering, shimmering Mickey Mouse commemorative ear hat is “dripping” in ”platinum” and themed to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney 100 Mickey ears21(1)Disney 100 Mickey ears21(1)

Although these ears look like they would be heavy to wear, the “platinum” is made from a highly reflective plastic.

Disney 100 Mickey ears26(1)Disney 100 Mickey ears26(1)

The “dripping platinum” covers nearly the entire hat. Sections of the black felt base peek out from the bottom and on the ears.

Disney 100 Mickey ears3(1)Disney 100 Mickey ears3(1) Disney 100 Mickey ears22(1)Disney 100 Mickey ears22(1)

The interior of the Mickey Ear Hat is covered in midnight black fabric and patterned with the Disney100 logo, twinkling stars, and fireworks.

Disney 100 Mickey ears23(1)Disney 100 Mickey ears23(1)

A black elastic chin strap makes it easily wearable for most heads. Although, this hat seems destined for a display case than on someone’s head.

Disney100 Minnie Mouse Ear Headband – $175.00

Disney 100 Minnie ears 1(1)Disney 100 Minnie ears 1(1)

Not to be outdone, Minnie gets her own glistening ear headband. The entire headband is in black fabric with “platinum” dripping from the top of the ears. A large silvery bow finishes the look.

Disney 100 Minnie ears 3(1)Disney 100 Minnie ears 3(1)

Minnie’s signature bow is made from a shiny silver fabric and generously padded.

Disney 100 Minnie ears 2(1)Disney 100 Minnie ears 2(1)

Both ears feature the “dripping platinum paint” cascading down from the top of each ear.

Disney 100 Minnie ears4(1)Disney 100 Minnie ears4(1)

It is highly reflective and drips past the bottom of the ears.

Disney 100 Minnie ears5(1)Disney 100 Minnie ears5(1)

The interior of the headband is made from a nonslip black fabric that will ensure it will stay secure on your head.

Disney 100 Minnie ears8(1)Disney 100 Minnie ears8(1)

The effect continues on the back of the ear headband.

Disney 100 Minnie ears7(1)Disney 100 Minnie ears7(1)

The side of the headband has “Disney100” embroidered in silver thread.

If you wish to view the items in person, you may encounter some reluctance from the Cast Members. However, if you ask politely, they will likely oblige and remove the items from their display case for you to view. Please note that you may only be allowed to handle the items for a limited amount of time.

Is this the one Disney100 piece of merchandise you’re going to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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