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Spider-Man: No Way Home streaming release date: When will No Way Home be on Disney Plus?

Warning: minor spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home below.

The tense wait for the film’s release date on December 15th 2021 leading to a highly successful opening, bringing in $751 million on the global box office.

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MJ (Zendaya) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) jump off the bridge in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Photo: PA Photo/©2021 CTMG.

Even just from watching the trailer, we knew the film would be packed full of Easter eggs.

To make sure they’ve spotted them all, many fans are keen to watch the film at home.

However, as the rights for Spider-Man: No Way Home are co-owned by both Marvel and Sony, it’s hard to say which streaming platform will host the latest film in Tom Holland’s trilogy.

Here’s when we might expect to see Spider-Man: No Way Home on streaming platforms – and which one it could appear on.

Tom Holland stars as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Benedict Cumberbatch features as Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Photo: PA Photo/©2021 CTMG.

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When is the Spider-Man: No Way Home DVD release date?

You are now able to purchase Spider-Man: No Way Home on DVD and via digital release via platforms like Amazon Video and iTunes.

The digital version is full of movie extras, including bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage.

One feature in particular is garnering attention, titled Spider-Man and the Multiverse in Marvel Comics.

If you buy the digital release on any platform and then connect your account to Movies Anywhere, you’ll find this featurette, which shows Marvel Studios president talking about all the comic book inspiration that went into No Way Home.

Ahead of further multiverse antics in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, this will likely be a very interesting watch.

Which streaming platform will Spider-Man: No Way Home appear on?

Spider-Man films are slightly trickier to find on subscription streaming platforms than other films in the MCU.

This is because Sony holds the rights to Spider-Man properties instead of Disney, so they don’t appear on Disney Plus.

At the moment, most Spider-Man films across all three iterations are available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

So far, it’s been announced that Starz, Lionsgate’s streaming service, has got the initial pay-per-view rights to Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Sony has not said anything further about what other streaming platforms might also get the rights to No Way Home down the line.

However, there is a rumour that Sony and Disney have come to an agreement that Spider-Man films will eventually stream on Disney Plus, but there’s no confirmed date for this.

When is the Spider-Man: No Way Home streaming release date?

Starz was expected to have the rights to Spider-Man: No Way Home for 18 months after its release date, which brings us to July 2023.

In an interview with Deadline, Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch confirmed that the film will be coming to the platform in the next six months, a much earlier time period.

It’s unclear whether Starz has exclusive rights, but it could be that other platforms will only be able to show No Way Home after this date.

By then, the Spider-Man films could have reached Disney Plus, making it possible to watch No Way Home on Disney’s platform alongside other MCU films.


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