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Looking for the ideal family vacation? Forget your local amusement park! Explore your horizons and take a trip overseas to any number of exciting destinations with the best international vacation packages for families. With an international vacation package, planning is so much easier and much more affordable. You can save tons of money on accommodations, food, flights and so much more. International vacation packages in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia will take you to some of the most famous and fascinating sites in the world, proving wonderful learning opportunity for the whole family. But more importantly, you’ll all have a ton of fun too. If you are interested in learning more about the best international vacation packages for families, read on to learn more.

The Classic Kenya Group Safari from the African Adventure Company is easily one of the best safaris for families. Starting at $5,595 per adult and $3,650 for every child, you’ll get everything you need for your safari adventure including flights, hotel accommodations, and all your meals. The 11-day safari will take you to Meru National Park where you’ll experience scenic drives, guided walking tours and plenty of activities. In Loisaba, you’ll enjoy fishing, mountain biking camel rides and more. More importantly, you’ll have a chance to see the world’s most beautiful creatures like elephants, lions, and so much more. In Kenya, there’s never a dull moment. It should be noted that the minimum size for a group is two people.

The six-day Classic Machu Picchu Tour is one of the best ways to enjoy one of the world’s most impressive ancient structures. From SA Expeditions, the six-day tour will take you through the streets of Cuzco, the ancient Incan city, where you’ll witness ancient art, temples, relics, salt mines, ruins and so much more. The guided tour includes private guided tours, accommodations, meals and more. Tours start at $2,590, making them an affordable option for small families. Kids and adults will love this tour as it is sure to fascinate, and educate – just don’t tell the kids!

The Ireland Adventures tour from Disney is an Irish trip appropriate for the whole family. The eight-day/seven-night guided tour will take you to Dublin, Killarney, and even the Dromoland Castle where you will stay for multiple nights. Other accommodations include the Westin Dublin and the Killarney Park Hotel. Treat your family like princes and princesses, kings and queens – the 2019 Ireland tour is your all-access pass to the most breathtaking sights in Ireland. Including a Dublin walking tour, a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, a Lake Leane boat ride, and a visit to the Cliffs of Moher, there’s so much for families to see and do in Ireland. With a minimum age requirement of only four years, children of nearly any age will find something to love about this trip. Prices start at $5,259 for children and $5,549 for adults. Included in this price are your accommodations, 16 meals, and all activities. Book your trip with Disney today and save up to $500 per person!

Journey to Japan with the Mountains & Culture Family Activity Holiday from Inside Japan, an award-winning tour provider. At one single cost of $10,077, you can bring your whole family to a variety of must-see sites in Japan such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, plus catch the natural beauty of the Alps. This self-guided tour provides you with everything you’ll need for your trip including breakfast served daily, 12 nights of accommodations, transportation, museum tickets, lessons and other fun stuff your family will love. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Japan and take it all in with this carefully crafted tour from Inside Japan.

With the best international vacation packages for families, planning your family trip has never been easier. Save big and spend more time enjoying yourself with these expertly planned adventures.


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