June 18

Where can my family watch the Raiders game wh…

Hi Steve!

I love a good fan and you obviously are one of them since you are making plans to watch your Raiders during your December Walt Disney World vacation. We spend the fall in Fort Wilderness and my husband and I will fly back to Green Bay so we don’t miss a home game. We are all crazy I guess but crazy is good!

I understand you not wanting to hit the ESPN Club where the crowds do get large on football Saturdays and Sundays in the fall. But it is one of the best places to make sure your game will be on the big screens. They do offer some VIP reserved seating during the season but it is costly.

Many of the resort bars are not crowded during the day hours and you might be able to request your game. But not knowing what channel it will be shown on it is hard to know if it will be a game shown in the Orlando area.

My suggestion for you is to head to Disney Springs and the Splitsville Luxury Lanes facility in the Westside area. They have a bar outside as well as several inside and this has become a good place to watch sporting events. It is not as well known for the bar and tv viewing so it is not as crowded at this time but you never know when that can change.

My husband always requests and waits for a good RV site where there are no trees to interfere with his satellite coverage. I know not to plan any park time on Sundays as well so I do understand your desire to follow your team!


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