May 27

My Disney Mania

 I was walking around Woodfield Mall here in Schaumburg, IL yesterday, and as I was window shopping, I saw a display of Nightmare Before Christmas clothings at a store. It wasn’t the Disney store, which was on the same floor. It was at a store called “Box Lunch”. I have never heard of this store before, and had never been in one.

When we went in, they had quite a few more Disney-related items, and many of them I haven’t seen anywhere else. But I zoomed in on the Nightmare stuff. They were having “Buy one, get one at half off”, and I immediately stumbled upon two items that I wanted and eventually bought. I’ll so them to you here.

First is a Nightmare summer shirt. It is 100% cotton, and a lovely color. Full price is $44.90.

Here are close-up shots of the prints on the shirt:

But wait, there’s more! I found a matching bucket hat!

The prints on the hat are identical to the shirt.

With the discount, both came out to $59.35. I could have spent more so easily.

But here’s the best part. Turns out that they have a lot more stuff online at We saw in the store quite a few Mandolorian stuff, including shirts with Baby Yoda on it. Not only that, for every $10 you spend, they donate a meal to Feeding America.

I signed up to be on their list, and got a $15 BoxLunch money if I spend more than $30 in mid Sept. So I’m saving that for my next trip there because I have a few other stuff that I want to get.

That store is dangerous to my credit cards!



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