March 24

Disney World Annual Pass Complete Review (2021)

Expectations for 2021 (Sales and Pricing)

We’re hoping Disney brings back annual pass sales in 2021. While there has been some concern Disney would end the annual passholder program, the ongoing renewals suggest that—in Florida, at least—the program will live on.

For park tickets in 2021, Disney raised prices around 5%. For annual passes (priced around $1000), that means about a $50 increase. Of course, pass options may change or pass benefits may change, so Disney might adjust the pricing. There’s also a chance prices lower because of the park reservation requirement (but we’re not betting on that).

This whole post is a look at “is a Disney World annual pass worth it?” and that question will likely be more complicated in 2021. We look forward to reviewing all the factors when details of future pass options are announced, but until then we’ll be analyzing based on the 2020 details.


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