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What’s the Best Disney World Ticket Deal for You?

No matter how long you plan to spend on cheap Disney vacations, the price of tickets into the parks will be significant part of your cost. Disney offers a rather confusing array of ticket options, with a lot of add-ons that sound like great deals but may be a waste of money for you. Look at who’s in your party, how long you’re going to be there and what kind of vacation you want before deciding to purchase a ticket package.

Tickets into Walt Disney World begin with a set price ticket for one park on one day. The price increases about the same amount for the second and third days, each increase being about the same price as the original ticket. For 2011, the announced prices for one adult are $82 for one day, $162 for two days and $224 for three days. The discount deals come in when you are going to visit the parks for four or more days. Add one more day, and it’s $10 more. Every additional day after that is around an extra $5. Walt Disney World rewards you for staying longer by giving you cheaper park entrances after three days.

All prices reported are before Taxes are added.

# of Days Adult (10+ ) Child (3 – 9 )
1 $ 82 $ 74
2 $162 $146
3 $224 $202
4 $232 $209
5 $237 $214
6 $242 $219
7 $247 $224
8 $252 $229
9 $257 $234
10 $262 $239

For those who are planning on staying longer, a four day or longer pass might be worth the extra money. There is a catch, however. All tickets into Walt Disney World parks expire after 14 days. There is no leaving and coming back six months later with tickets these days. It’s use them or lose them. Disney does offer a no-expiration addition to your tickets, but the cost is not cheap: adding this option to a 10-day ticket almost doubles the cost of admission.

For more Disney World park fun on a cheap Disney vacation think about purchasing a 3-day pass and adding the park-hopper option. This addition to your base ticket gives you the option to visit as many parks as you like in a day, instead of the normal one-day one-park base ticket. The park hopper addition is $54, no matter how many days you visit the parks. Go to Magic Kingdom in the morning, then visit Epcot for dinner and fireworks. Take a sunrise safari in Animal Kingdom and finish the evening riding the water slides at Typhoon Lagoon. You’ll fit more Disney World fun into fewer days.

The best ticket value depends on your family and your stamina. Your plans for each Disney park as well as your hotel or resort will be a big factor in your decision. Study all the options and use creative thinking to plan your ticket purchase for your cheap Disney vacation.

Anne Baley is a Florida resident and veteran Walt Disney World guest. She has explored Disney World dozens of times, always looking for new and unique ways to get more out of a trip for less money. Baley writes about every possible way to get discounts on your Disney vacation at [http://www.disneycheaper.net].


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