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Step into the world of Disney and play as some of your favourite characters from the movies with our Disney games.

Disney Games – Frozen, Star Wars and More!

Recreate the magic from Frozen, or the mystery of Moana, or even the mayhem of Disney Cars and Planes! If you love Disney, you are sure to love our range of Disney themed browser games.

Disney films are some of the most beloved in our world today – children can enjoy fun characters, beautiful animation, and humorous storylines, whilst adults can look back fondly on the older titles they remember watching when growing up.

Disney films have brought us some truly memorable moments such as the moment Snow White awoke from her slumber from the kiss of a prince, or when Baloo and Mowgli sang the Bear Necessities in the Jungle Book. Moreover, Disney has created some hilarious and heart-warming characters such as Olaf from Frozen and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

Our selection of Disney based browser games allows you to immerse yourself in various fantasy worlds and recreate some of your favorite moments from the films. Our Frozen games, for example, allow you to interact with Elsa and Anna and even dress them up!

Alternatively, The Lion Guard series allows you to take control of characters from the Lion King to defend your pride! Whichever Disney film you enjoy, or characters you love, our browser games are sure to entertain and delight!

What can you expect from online games by Disney?

This type of game has many genres. Disney games do not follow one particular format. It is such a large brand, that developers can create loads of different titles. The following are some of the typical genres available:

  • Puzzle Games
  • Platform Games
  • Dress Up Games
  • Sports Games
  • Adventure Games

In addition to this, Disney games obviously feature characters from different movies and TV shows. The following are examples of movies and TV shows that are featured in these games:

  • Frozen
  • The Lion King
  • Cars
  • Moana
  • Tangled
  • Aladin

Play your favorite Disney games today

As you can see, we have an amazing range of free online video games in the Disney genre. You can play with all your favorite characters such as Phineas and Ferb, Yoda, and Pumba. Furthermore, players can have hours of fun exploring the different titles. The following are four popular Disney games: Cars 3 – Demolition Derby is based on the hit animated movie. In this game, players must control different cars characters such as Lightning McQueen and race in action-packed demolition derby skirmishes. There are many tracks to race on, and a host of cool Disney characters to drive.

The Lion Guard Assemble is part of the awesome Lion Guard web browser game series. This game is of course based on the Disney movie, The Lion King. Play through different platform levels with characters from the film including Timone, Kion, and Pumba. Perform different moves and try to complete the levels whilst dodging the different obstacles.

Year Round Fashionista – Moana is an amazing dress up game from Idea Studios. In this game, players must help Disney Princess Moana pick out different outfits for each month of the year. Each month presents a different set of clothes and accessories to choose from.

If you love Star Wars, you will enjoy Yoda Jedi Training. In this game explore the magical worlds of the Star Wars universe and help Yoda train Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi so that he can face Darth Vader! This platform game is so much fun and has a host of cool levels to complete.

Have fun with characters from the Disney channel and movies today

Our selection of Disney games offers great variety. From the Black Pearl, Mickey Mouse, and Wreck it Ralph, to Winnie the Pooh, and Frozen. Practically every Disney film and TV show you can think of is included! Have some fun today and try out some of these cool games!

When using a game from our site you agree to the terms and conditions listed on the game itself.

What are Disney Games?

Disney games all feature characters and landscapes from our favourite films such as Frozen, Inside Out and the Lion King. These games come in all shapes and sizes including platform games, dress up games, and puzzle games and are great fun for everyone!

We collected 106 of the best free online disney games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new disney games such as Princess Homeland and top disney games such as The Lion Guard: Protector of the Pridelands, Moana Coloring Book, and Cars: Extreme Off-Road Rush.



The Wonderful World of Disney Magical Holiday Celebration

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Join the Disney Parks family on Thanksgiving night for a look back at the Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration on ABC! #DisneyHolidayCelebration

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  • Holiday Magic Is Here, Now through December 30th

  • Discover the Magic of a Walt Disney World® Resort Vacation


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Halfway from Houston, TX to Disney World

Mobile, Alabama

Find things to do halfway with  

Map of halfway point

View a map with driving directions using your preferred map provider: Google Maps, Bing Maps, or MapQuest.

More trip calculations

Halfway between Houston, TX and Disney World

The best city between Houston, TX and Disney World to meet is Mobile, Alabama which is about 19 miles from the exact midpoint.

The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Loxley, Alabama.

The closest zip code to the midpoint is 36577.

The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 30° 39′ 4″ N and 87° 43′ 47″ W.

The closest major city that is roughly halfway is New Orleans, LA.

The total driving distance from Houston, TX to Disney World is 971 miles or 1 563 kilometers.

Each person would then have to drive about 486 miles to meet in the middle.

It will take about 7 hours and 26 minutes for each driver to arrive at the meeting point.

For a flight, the straight line geographic midpoint coordinates are 29° 14′ 53″ N and 88° 25′ 13″ W.

The city at the geographic halfway point from Houston, TX to Disney World is Balize, Louisiana.

Halfway point calculator

Travelmath helps you figure out the midpoint between two locations based on the driving directions from each starting point. You can find the closest town that is an equal distance from two cities. Use this tool to determine the best city to meet, or to look for interesting stops along the way if you’re planning a long road trip and you need to take a break or stay overnight. Search for hotels at the midpoint city to split up your drive, or explore other nearby cities and discover local towns on your trip. If you’re meeting a friend halfway in-between, you can figure out how far each person has to drive and how long it will take to arrive at the center. Even if you’re separated by water, you can still calculate the straight line geographic midpoint to determine the closest flight distance.



Conroe to Walt Disney World

Flag of United States Orlando, United States

Orlando is a city in the U.S. state of Florida and the county seat of Orange County. Located in Central Florida, it is the center of the Orlando metropolitan area, which had a population of 2,509,831, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures released in July 2017. These figures make it the 23rd-largest metropolitan area in the United States, the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the Southern United States, and the third-largest metropolitan area in Florida. As of 2018, Orlando had an estimated city-proper population of 285,713, making it the 71st-largest city in the United States, the fourth-largest city in Florida, and the state’s largest inland city. – Wikipedia

Things to do in Orlando

  • Rollins College

    Rollins College is a private, coeducational liberal arts college, founded in 1885 and located in Winter Park, Florida along the shores of Lake Virginia. Rollins is a member of the SACS, NASM, ACS, FDE, AAM, AACSB International, Council for Accreditation of Counseling, and Related Educational Programs. Rollins has about 30 undergraduate majors and several graduate programs. It was ranked #2 Regional Universities, South by U.S. News & World Report in 2017. Rollins College has ranked among the most beautiful U.S. college campuses by the Princeton Review for the past decade, ranking #1 in 2015 and #10 most recently in 2017.

  • Universal Studios Florida

    Universal Studios Florida is a theme park located in Orlando, Florida. Opened on June 7, 1990, the park’s theme is the entertainment industry, in particular movies and television. Universal Studios Florida inspires its guests to “ride the movies”, and it features numerous attractions and live shows. The park is one component of the larger Universal Orlando Resort.

  • Harry P. Leu Gardens

    The Harry P. Leu Gardens are semi-tropical and tropical gardens in Orlando, Florida, United States. The gardens contain nearly 50 acre of landscaped grounds and lakes, with meandering trails shaded by 200-year-old oaks and forests of camellias. They are open to the public. The address is 1920 North Forest Avenue Orlando, FL 32803.

  • Lake Eola Park

    ] Lake Eola Park is a public park located in Downtown Orlando, Florida. Lake Eola is the main feature of the park. Also located in the park (on the west side) is the Walt Disney Amphitheater, which hosts many community events and various performances year round. On the east side of the park is a Chinese pagoda, and a playground. The park is surrounded by four streets: East Robinson Street (State Road 526), Rosalind Avenue (SR 527), East Central Boulevard, and North Eola Drive.

Places to stay in Orlando



Disney World, Universal Orlando, and More Florida Theme Parks End Mask Requirement Outdoors

Disney World, Universal Orlando, and More Theme Parks End Mask Requirement Outdoors | Travel + Leisure { if (this.get(key) !== undefined) { r(this.get(key)); } r(null); }); }; this.setAsync = function (key, value) { return new Promise(r => { this._data[key] = value; r(this); }); } } global.udl = new UniversalDataLayer({ “affiliate_link_count”: 0, “author”: [], “channel”: “News”, “category”: “News”, “cms_id”: “7923116”, “sub_category”: “”, “primary_image”: “”, “headline”: “Disney World, Universal Orlando, and More Florida Theme Parks End Mask Requirement Outdoors”, “post_or_index”: “post”, “title”: “disney world, universal orlando, and more florida theme parks end mask requirement outdoors”, “last_updated_date”: 1621362791, “nlp_sentiment_label”: “neutral”, “nlp_sentiment_score”: 0, “nlp_sentiment_magnitude”: 8, “nlp_entities”: “masks|Disney World|Universal Orlando|Americans|park rules”, “nlp_payload”: “”, “nlp_categories”: “/Pets & Animals/Wildlife|/Travel/Tourist Destinations/Zoos-Aquariums-Preserves|/Hobbies & Leisure|/Travel/Tourist Destinations/Theme Parks”, “primary_purpose”: “traffic-and-acquisition”, “publish_date”: “2021-05-17T21:17:10Z”, “shown_on_platform”: “own”, “syndicated”: “all”, “taxonomy_id”: [ “23866”, “16423”, “22011”, “25512”, “18398”, “23907”, “10626”, “24416”, “16731” ], “uuid”: “dbc886ca-464c-4c23-b6f0-f9d9747378b4”, “content_graph_id”: “cms/onecms_posts_travelandleisure_7923116”, “brand”: “travelandleisure”, “path”: “/travel-news/florida-theme-parks-no-longer-requiring-masks”, “url”: “”, “content_type”: “article”, “created_date”: “2021-05-17T18:59:50Z” }); })(window) ]]> = 0; i -= 1) { if (params[i].lastIndexOf(prefix, 0) !== -1) { params.splice(i, 1); } } url = urlParts[0]; if (params.length > 0) { url += “?”.concat(params.join(‘&’)); } return url; } return url; }; function setCookie(cookieName, value, daysToExpire) { var expires = ”; if (daysToExpire) { var date = new Date(); date.setTime(date.getTime() + daysToExpire * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000); expires = “; expires=”.concat(date.toGMTString()); } if (expires !== ”) { document.cookie = “”.concat(cookieName, “=”).concat(value).concat(expires, “; path=/”); } return true; }; (function(){ var hid = getQueryParam(‘hid’); if (!hid) { return; } setCookie(‘hid’, hid, 90); // Set hid to server on Hermes for 90 days const request = new XMLHttpRequest(); request.withCredentials = true; const url = ‘/hermes/?keys=hid&max-age=90’;‘GET’, url, true); request.send(); window.location.replace(removeURLParameter(window.location.href, ‘hid’)); })(); ]]> Skip to content

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Disney World, Universal Orlando, and More Florida Theme Parks End Mask Requirement Outdoors

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Disney World offering discounts to teachers and first responders who stay here this summer

Walt Disney World Resort is offering teachers and first responders multiple deals within Disney Springs.

These special offers apply to six Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels and will run through to July 14, according to the shopping district’s hospitality website.

Teachers and first responders will be able to pick between a stay at B Resort & Spa, DoubleTree Suites, Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace, Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, Holiday Inn and Wyndham Garden for a reduced cost.

Depending on the hotel that’s selected, nightly rates can be as low as $79 or as high as $160.


Walt Disney World Resort is offering teachers and first responders multiple deals within Disney Springs.

Walt Disney World Resort is offering teachers and first responders multiple deals within Disney Springs. (Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Bus shuttles to Walt Disney World theme parks and a “Passport to Savings” booklet are included with booked stays, which provides eligible guests discounts and promotions from merchants at Disney Springs. The House of Blues Restaurant & Bar, T-REX Café, Rainforest Café, The Polite Pig and STK Orlando are just a few merchants that have coupons available in the booklet.

Meanwhile, teachers and first responders who have a love for golf are welcome to take advantage of advance tee times and other discounts at Walt Disney World’s three golf courses.

The six Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels are within walking distance of Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney), which is an outdoor complex that is dedicated to shopping, dining and entertainment.


According to Disney Springs’ website, there are 100 retail stores, 62 dining locations and 23 attractions within the 120-acre complex. When guests don’t feel like going to Disney’s parks, they can opt to spend the day doing fun activities like making a lightsaber at the Star Wars Trading Post, indulging in massive cookies at Gideon’s Bakehouse or riding the Aerophile – the world’s largest hand-painted helium balloon.

Disney Springs is centrally located and is less than 10 miles away from each Disney theme park. The closest is Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, which is less than a mile from the shopping district. Meanwhile, the farthest is Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which is roughly 6.7 miles away by car.


Park Hopper passes are available to guests who want to visit more than one park per day – a perk that was temporarily suspended last summer when Disney first reopened during the coronavirus pandemic. Guests will still need to reserve time for their park visits through the Disney Park Pass system as the pandemic is still a top public health concern.

Disney Springs is the shopping, dining and entertainment district of Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Disney)

Disney Springs is the shopping, dining and entertainment district of Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Disney)

Teachers and first responders who are interested in staying at Disney this summer have until July 10 to book their “magical family vacation,” according to the Disney Springs hotel website.


The special room rates can only be obtained by preschool, daycare, grade school teachers, college professors and support staff, police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, 911 dispatchers, doctors, and nurses.



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My Disney Mania

 I was walking around Woodfield Mall here in Schaumburg, IL yesterday, and as I was window shopping, I saw a display of Nightmare Before Christmas clothings at a store. It wasn’t the Disney store, which was on the same floor. It was at a store called “Box Lunch”. I have never heard of this store before, and had never been in one.

When we went in, they had quite a few more Disney-related items, and many of them I haven’t seen anywhere else. But I zoomed in on the Nightmare stuff. They were having “Buy one, get one at half off”, and I immediately stumbled upon two items that I wanted and eventually bought. I’ll so them to you here.

First is a Nightmare summer shirt. It is 100% cotton, and a lovely color. Full price is $44.90.

Here are close-up shots of the prints on the shirt:

But wait, there’s more! I found a matching bucket hat!

The prints on the hat are identical to the shirt.

With the discount, both came out to $59.35. I could have spent more so easily.

But here’s the best part. Turns out that they have a lot more stuff online at We saw in the store quite a few Mandolorian stuff, including shirts with Baby Yoda on it. Not only that, for every $10 you spend, they donate a meal to Feeding America.

I signed up to be on their list, and got a $15 BoxLunch money if I spend more than $30 in mid Sept. So I’m saving that for my next trip there because I have a few other stuff that I want to get.

That store is dangerous to my credit cards!





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Cinderella knows that kindness is magic that can transform the world, so she is warm and sincere with everyone she meets. Whether it’s the smallest mouse or the King himself, she treats everyone with equal respect. She believes in herself and is determined to overcome the adversity she faces. Despite her circumstances, Cinderella finds the courage to be kind, because she knows that kindness conquers all.

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Discover Cinderella Products at shopDisney

See All ]]> @media screen and (min-width: 680px){ #ref-1-7{ background-repeat: no-repeat; } #ref-1-7{ background-size: 9; } } ]]>

  • Cinderella showing her new dress to her animal friends.

  • Fairy Godmother preparing to give Cinderella a new dress so she can go to the ball.

  • Lucifer scheming to catch GusGus and JaqJaq.

  • Cinderella making the most of doing her chores.

  • Lady Tremaine and the step sisters on their way to the ball.

  • Fairy Godmother transforming a pumpkin into a carriage.

  • Cinderella’s ballgown transformation.

  • Cinderella leaving the ball at midnight.

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