Disney World All Star Resorts

Three of the most uniquely themed resorts at Walt Disney World are the Disney World All Star Resorts. Following are some details to help travelers decide which resort suits them best. These are popular among vacationing families, as they are on the lower price end of all resorts at Walt Disney World

All Star Movies

A brightly-colored “movieland” value resort themed to 5 Disney films, featuring giant icons from favorites such as 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Fantasia, The Mighty Ducks, and The Love Bug.

62 acres located adjacent to Disney’s All-Star Music and All-Star Sports Resorts

Design Architect: Arquitectonica, Miami, FL

Architect of Record: HKS, Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL

Landscape Architect: Herbert-Halback, Inc., Orlando, FL

Groundbreaking for All-Star complex took place in November, 1992.

Construction began in July, 1997

Opening Date: January 15, 1999

A total of 1,920 guest rooms

The Mighty Ducks – 384 rooms – January 15, 1999

101 Dalmatians – 384 rooms – January 15, 1999

Fantasia – 384 rooms – March 1, 1999

The Love Bug – 384 rooms – March 1, 1999

Toy Story – 384 rooms – April 15, 1999

Theater-inspired dining is offered at the World Premiere food court which hosts the following 5 marquee venues –






Walt Disney Feature Animation and Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) collaborated on the design and building of the resort’s large icons, ensuring the correct appearance of each character.

Pools: There are two themed pools. Fantasia pool is themed around Fantasia, while the Duck Pond is themed around a “Duck Pond”.

Fanstasia Pool – A Sorcerer Mickey adorns the Fantasia-themed pool and it has 231,610 gallons of water

The Duck Pond has 105,000 gallons of water

Children’s Pool has 1,200 gallons of water

A collection of 3-story buildings with the following themes –

Fantasia: Giant sorcerer’s hats, spell books, and brooms and buckets decorate the “Fantasia” area of the hotel. The sorcerer’s hat is 45 feet high and 44 feet in diameter at the base. The brooms and buckets are 23 feet wide from bucket to bucket. The top of the broom is 36 feet high. The jack-in-the-box is 35 feet tall and Jack himself in 25 feet tall. The ballerina is 35 feet high.

The Love Bug: Herbie, the famous bug will be featured at approximately five times his normal size. Herbie’s tires are 9 feet in diameter and he weighs about 7 tons. The pliers are 35 feet tall. The screwdrivers are 36 feet tall.

The Mighty Ducks: Giant hockey sticks, goalie nets, and duck-shaped hockey masks will adorn another area. The hockey sticks weigh 2000 pounds each and are 43 feet tall. The sticks are made of aluminum and each one was shipped from Rhode Island in two pieces. The hockey goals are 31 feet high. Each mask is constructed of more than 1200 pounds of plaster and 11,000 pounds of shotcrete. There is also a hockey-rink-themed pool

101 Dalmatians: Features canine stars Pongo & Perdita. In addition, if one were to count all the dalmatians on these themed buildings, including all the puppies and the large Pongo and Perdita icons, there would be exactly 101 dalmatians. Pongo and Perdita weigh about 17,000 pounds. Pongo stands at approximately 30 feet tall and Perdita is approximately 25 feet tall. Each one required 15 gallons of paint, not including the ottomans on which they sit. The Pongo icon was shipped from California in four pieces on two wide load trucks. It took workers two days to put it together. Pongo’s ottoman is 10 feet high and 12 feet in diameter. The fire hydrants are 36 feet tall and have a diameter of 18 feet.

Toy Story: Features toy soldiers climbing on the roofs of buildings with the following stars – Buzz Lightyear stands at approximately 47 feet tall. Woody is approximately 30 feet tall from his waist to his hat as he sits on the ground. Woody’s boot is 7 feet tall. The Bucket O’Soldiers stairway icon is approximately 27 feet high and 36 feet in diameter

The colored lamp shades on the walls in the guest rooms are designed to look like a box of popcorn. When the lamp is turned on, the shade turns white and the design on it can no longer be seen. This effect is commonly referred to as an “optical illusion.” Theatrical productions frequently make use of this type of illusion which is generally known as “scrim.” The illusion is achieved when an object with holes is lit up from the back. When the light is turned on, the print on the object is no longer visible. This optical illusion can also be accomplished with loosely woven fabrics.

All-Star Music
A musically themed value resort featuring larger-than-life icons representing jazz, rock, Broadway, calypso, and country music. The design team worked to create a totally integrated musical theme which is reflected in the resort’s landscaping, architecture and interior design.

55 acres located adjacent to Disney’s All-Star Sports and All-Star Movies Resorts

Design Architect: Arquitectonica – Miami, FL

Architect of Record: HKS, Inc. – Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL

Groundbreaking for All-Star complex took place in November, 1992

Opening Date: November 22, 1994

A total of 1,920 guest rooms

Calypso – 384 rooms – November 22, 1994

Jazz – 384 rooms – December 18, 1994

Rock Inn – 384 rooms – January 20, 1995

Country Fair – 384 rooms – February 12, 1995

Broadway – 384 rooms – February 17, 1995

The 550-seat Intermission food court includes wall drawings of great musical performers such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

The Melody Hall commercial center contains the main check-in lobby and guest service facilities. The musical staff notes that appear across the registration desk in the lobby spell out the first line from When You Wish Upon A Star. The large gold star that is located in front of Melody Hall weighs more than 55,000 pounds.

When Mickey Mouse’s image is incorporated into designs as a decorative enhancement, it is called a “Deliberate Mickey” since it is specifically intended to make Mickey Mouse a visual addition to the surrounding artwork or an identifying logo. A “Hidden Mickey” is best defined as an image of Mickey Mouse concealed in the design of a Walt Disney World attraction or resort. At the present time, there are no Hidden Mickey’s at the All-Star Music Resort. There are currently three areas of the All-Star Music Resort – Country Fair (boots); Country Fair (bolo ties); Jazz Inn courtyard (on top of the cymbals) that have “Deliberate Mickey’s”.

Pools: There are two themed pools. Calypso pool is designed in the shape of a guitar, while Piano pool resembles a baby grand piano complete with a full keyboard of 88 keys

Calypso Pool – The silver star located by the pool weighs approximately 33,000 pounds -The water fountain located in the center of the pool consists of three Disney characters: Donald Duck, Panchito, and José (Joe) Carioca from the animated film The Three Caballeros (1945) – and it has 251,418 gallons of water

Piano Pool has 106,036 gallons of water

Children’s Pool has 2,767 gallons of water

A collection of 3-story buildings with the following themes:

Broadway (Show Tunes): Top hats, musical notes, and an oversized “Broadway” show marquee displaying “Beauty and the Beast” are featured in this area. The large top hats are size 125. There is a 1972 Checker Taxi Cab that is often parked on the roadway in front of the Broadway area.

Calypso (Island Music): Giant maracas, banana leaves, and exotic birds, such as Toucans and Macaws perched on railings, can be found at Calypso. The maracas at Calypso can hold up to 150, 000 beads. There are 934 banana leaves on the two buildings that make up Calypso.

Country Fair (Country Music): Bolo ties, harmonicas, and giant boots adorn the Country Fair area. The giant boots appearing in the courtyard area are size 270 There are approximately 132 trucks appearing along the top of the two buildings that make up Country Fair.

Jazz Inn (Jazz Music): A huge swing band, complete with musicians and musical instruments, appears along the top of “Jazz Inn.” There are approximately 68 sunglasses wrapped around the musical saffs at Jazz Inn. There are approximately 470 musicians appearing in the swing band located along the top of Jazz Inn.

Rock Inn (Rock Music): Giant amplifiers, speakers, microphones, and a neon-lit, oversized juke box decorate the rock themed area of the resort. 160 records appear along the balconies at Rock Inn. A 1957 Chevy Bel Air Coupe automobile is often parked in front of Rock Inn.

All Star Sports

A sports themed value resort featuring larger-than-life icons representing surfing, football, basketball, baseball, and tennis. The design team worked to create a totally integrated sports theme which is reflected in the resort’s landscaping, architecture, lighting, and interior design. Neon and fiber optics illuminate the resort’s main icons. Palm trees are arranged to look like a basketball team at tip-off. Interior courtyards resemble a football field or an enormous tennis center court.

90 acres located adjacent to Disney’s All-Star Music and All-Star Movies Resorts

Design Architect: Arquitectonica – Miami, FL

Architect of Record: HKS, Inc. – Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL

Groundbreaking for All-Star complex took place in November, 1992.

Opening Date: April 29, 1994

Rooms: A total of 1,920 guest rooms

Surf’s Up – 384 rooms – April 29, 1994

Hoops Hotel – 384 rooms – May 13, 1994

Touchdown – 384 rooms – June 26, 1994

Home Run Hotel – 384 rooms – July 22, 1994

Center Court – 384 rooms – August 11, 1994

Sports scenes such as surfing and football decorate the walls in the End Zone food court. The 550-seat food court also features giant sports figures sitting atop brightly colored green, blue, and red dining booths.

The individual guest rooms feature sports-themed bedspreads, megaphone light fixtures, and artwork depicting sports scenes.

When Mickey Mouse’s image is incorporated into designs as a decorative enhancement, it is called a “Deliberate Mickey” since it is specifically intended to make Mickey Mouse a visual addition to the surrounding artwork or an identifying logo. (A “Hidden Mickey” is best defined as an image of Mickey Mouse concealed in the design of a Walt Disney World attraction or resort. At the present time, there are no Hidden Mickey’s at the All-Star Sports Resort. All-Star Sports Resort has the following “Deliberate Mickey’s” located on the resort – on trash cans; and at Touchdown! courtyard (planter in the center courtyard).

Pools: There are two themed pools. Surfboard Bay and Grandslam Pool

SurfBoard Bay – The silver star located by SurfBoard Bay is 46 feet tall and weighs more than 33, 000 pounds and it has 242,741 gallons of water

Grandslam Pool – The Grandslam pool is designed in the shape of a baseball infield. A water fountain sporting Goofy on a pitcher’s mound is located in the center of the pool and it has 119,590 gallons of water

Children’s Pool has 2,713 gallons of water

Red, white, and blue star-shaped seating, caged lighting reminiscent of a basketball gymnasium, and miniature red lockers greet guests at Stadium Hall, the resort’s main check-in and guest services area. There are approximately 727 stars on Stadium Hall. The large gold star in front of Stadium Hall is 55 feet tall and weighs more than 55, 000 pounds.

Themed Buildings: A collection of 3-story buildings with the following themes:

Center Court (Tennis): Stairwells in the shape of tennis cans and oversized tennis balls decorating the balconies are featured at Center Court. The tennis ball cans can hold approximately 9,474,609 regulation size tennis balls. There are tennis racquets that are approximately 51 feet tall and the tennis balls that are attached to the balconies are almost 5 feet in diameter.

Home Run Hotel (Baseball): Giant baseball bats, Coca-Cola cups, stadium lights, scoreboards, and an outfield fence can be found at Home Run Hotel. It would take more than 20 million 12-ounce cans of Coca-Cola to fill just one of the giant Coca-Cola cups. In 1992, Guests at the Walt Disney World Resort consumed approximately 1,600,000 gallons of Coca-Cola which would only fill 85% of just one of the giant Coca-Cola cups. A 40-foot tall White Ash tree would be needed to make a baseball bat the size of the ones located at Home Run Hotel.

Hoops Hotel (Basketball): Pennants of favorite college teams, such as the Blue Devils, Tigers, Boilermakers, and the Gators, rim the roof line of the Hoops Hotel. The giant basketballs hanging from the courtyard side of the buildings are approximately 5 feet in diameter and are more than 70 in number. The giant megaphone in 45 feet tall. The two whistles are 60 feet long and 20 feet high. The pea inside the whistle is approximately 9 feet in diameter.

Surfs Up (Surfing): Oversized surfboards and colorful fish complement the deep aqua tones of Surf’s Up. There are approximately 950 Red Snapper and Dolphin fish on the balconies of Surf’s Up. The surfboards stand at approximately 38 feet tall. The two shark fins are 38 feet high and would belong to a 300 foot long Great White Shark.

Touchdown! (Football): Giant footballs and larger-than-life football helmets welcome guests to Touchdown! A football player would have to stand at more than 200 feet tall to be able to wear the giant football helmets.





9 Things I Can't Believe I Didn't Know About Disney Parks


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Disney World Tickets – Park Hopper and Magic Your Way

You would be forgiven for thinking that you need a degree in rocket science to understand the Disney World ticket system. At first look it is a confusing array of options with strange terms such as park hopper and Magic Your Way. Don’t worry though, not all ticket types are available to all guests and once you understand the basics you will be able to narrow down the list to find the ticket type which is most appropriate for your Walt Disney World vacation.

The ticket options range from a One Day One Park option which as it says on the label is good for one day’s admission to one of the four theme parks, to the top of the range Premium Annual Pass which will get you into every Disney World theme and water park with park hopper privileges every day for 365 days.

An average family, staying for a week’s vacation will have about a dozen different ticket options to choose from. Spending the time to understand the different perks included with the different options could save you lots of money, which is important if you are interested in cheap Disney vacations. A little time spent on research will help you avoid purchasing a more expensive ticket which has features you’ll probably never use.

In 2005 Disney introduced the Magic Your Way ticket system, which is essentially a pick ‘n mix way to buy your admission tickets. You start out with a Base Ticket and then add on various options to tailor the ticket to your needs. There is a volume discount, so the more days admission you add to your Base Ticket the lower the cost of a day’s entry becomes. Base Tickets can be bought for a minimum of one and a maximum of ten day’s admission. You can only visit one park per day with a Base Ticket and they expire 14 days from the first date of use.

There are three add-on options available at an additional cost to increase the flexibility of your Base Ticket

1. Park Hopper – For a flat fee you can add park hopping privileges to your ticket, which allows you to visit more than one park each day. If you are only buying one or two day’s admission this can prove expensive, but becomes a more affordable option for longer visits.

2. No Expiration Date – Daily entry becomes cheaper the more day’s admission you buy so if you are planning a short trip consider buying a ten day pass and adding the no expiration date option. This means that any unused days never expire so you can use the pass on a future vacation. The option price depends on the number of days you add to your Base Ticket but cannot be added to a one-day pass.

3. Plus Pack – If you want to visit the water parks or Disney Quest then you might want to consider adding a plus to your Base Ticket. The number of pluses you can buy is fixed and is tied to the number of days on your Base Ticket. for example a one, two or three-day ticket has two plusses while a ten-day ticket has five.

It is possible to add options to your ticket after you have bought it, so you can start with a Base Ticket and then choose to add park hopper privileges or plusses after you have started using it.

Annual Passes provide unlimited admission to the four theme parks for one year and an add-on is available to give unlimited admission to the water parks too. Perks available to Annual Pass holders include free parking, shopping discounts and ad hoc room rate discounts at Disney hotels.

If you are traveling from the United Kingdom then your ticket choices are different. A number of advance purchase tickets are available to British travelers including a Five-Day Premium Ticket which includes park hopping privileges to all four theme parks for five days and three admissions to the water parks. The Seven-Day Premium ticket increases this to seven day’s admission and five water park admissions. Both expire 14-days from first use. Alternatively the Ultimate Tickets provide unlimited admission to the theme and water parks as well as park hopping privileges for either 14 or 21 days.

Before you choose your ticket options you need to have an idea about what you want to do during your vacation; it does not make sense to pay for options that you won’t get around to using after all. Don’t forget that sometimes you might save money in the long run by buying a more expensive ticket. For example if you plan to visit Walt Disney World on vacation again next year see if you can travel a couple of weeks earlier as this will allow you to take advantage of the Annual Pass options; effectively using the same ticket for both vacations. As Disney often offers hotel discounts to Annual Pass holders you might find that the discount you can obtain on next year’s accommodation more than covers the additional cost of the pass.

Clare Swindlehurst is an avid Walt Disney World fan who has visited the Resort more times than she cares to remember. She is lucky enough to call the Animal Kingdom Lodge her second home thanks to the Disney Vacation Club. When she is not visiting the parks themselves she shares her hints and tips about Disney vacation planning [] at her website: []



3 Reasons Disney World Will Open This Summer

The mountains aren’t splashing, thundering, or spacing out at the world’s most popular theme park. Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) closed Disney World in Florida after the second weekend of March, making it the last of its global resorts to closed down. 

Disney World remains closed indefinitely, and that’s led analysts and theme park enthusiasts alike to speculate on when Disney World and other area attractions will reopen. Wall Street pros are all over the map, with some suggesting the gated attractions can open as early as June. At the other end of the timeline we have John Hodulik at UBS suggesting that the parks won’t be back in business until 2021. Let’s go over the reasons Disney World is likely to open — in some form at least — as soon as this summer.

Goofy in front of the Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway that opened last month.

Image source: Disney.

1. There will never be a right time to open

Let’s start by pointing out that there will probably never be a risk-free window for the House of Mouse to unlock its turnstiles. A vaccine is at least a year away, and even when it’s mass produced in the billions, will it be enough to cover possible mutations? In short, there isn’t a business out there that will wait for complete eradication before attempting to get going again. 

Orlando is in surprisingly good shape. New coronavirus cases have declined for four consecutive weeks. The counter to the good news is that cases will spike as shelter-in-place restrictions are eased, but that same argument holds if Disney World reopens in a couple of weeks or months or possibly even years. 

The parks will open when the safeguards are in place to reasonably test visitors and employees on the way in or at the very least contain the chances of spreading COVID-19 within the actual theme parks. With Disney World losses mounting and roughly 70,000 employees now furloughed, there’s a lot riding on a swift but ultimately safe resumption of business. Waiting until next year would be safer, but with the global economy rocked and the local economy gutted, who will visit Disney World then? Who will even be around to work at Disney World?

2. Smaller attractions will force Disney’s hand

Southeastern states are taking a more aggressive position in restarting their local economies. Regional parks are offering mid-May or early June as timelines for their attractions to reopen, and while no one should be surprised to see those dates get pushed out again, eventually somebody’s going to blink. 

Disney World and Disneyland were the first major park operators to announce they were closing down, and the industry followed suit. It’s a strong bet that it won’t be Disney leading the next dance. Someone else will open first, and once the negative headlines get swatted away, the rest of the industry will follow if we don’t see a spike in new cases. 

3. Disney can dictate the pace

Disney World isn’t just going to flip the switch and everything will be business as usual. It can open gradually, and there’s already chatter that it may limit in-park visitors to folks staying at one of its resort hotels — its most lucrative customers — or allow just in-state or even local visitors at first. 

It can limit its hours of operations. Given the limited attendance levels, it can also choose not to open all of its parks, perhaps rotating the schedule. Of course, that means the experience won’t be the same. Queues will need to be restructured. Buffet restaurants, character meet-and-greet stations, and many of its signature parades, shows, and nighttime celebrations aren’t likely to go live right away. 

Disney has never had to close its parks for more than a day or two, so even it doesn’t know what to expect. Some could argue that Disney World could wait until the fall, when visits are historically low as new school years begin, but organic attendance will be limited no matter when the parks are generating revenue again. Foreign visitors aren’t likely to return until several months of steady and safe operations. Domestic travel and even local visits may be kept in check given the recession that will get worse the longer this plays out. However, nothing at all gets sorted out until we see Disney put its rescue plan into action. In Toy Story speak, it’s time to wind the frog



Walt Disney World is Fueled For the Future

For the Walt Disney World Resort, the road to a greener tomorrow may be closer than we think. That’s because many vehicles used throughout property are becoming more and more environmentally friendly.

Take Disney’s fleet of Walt Disney World Transport buses for example. They now are being tested on B20 (20 percent bio-diesel, 80 percent conventional diesel). This accomplishment started modestly by using a B5 blend, but the percentages have been methodically increased with no real problems for the engines.

In the Walt Disney World Theme Parks, certain alternative-fuel vehicles were specifically selected for their reduced emissions. For example, because the Kilimanjaro Safaris vehicles travel through animal habitats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, propane is used instead of gas or diesel for its better emission properties. In the enclosed Utilidors (backstage tunnels) at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Epcot, zero-emission electrical vehicles are prevalent.

Also heading down the right track are the Walt Disney World Railroad locomotives. They have been retrofitted to accommodate bio-diesel. The Walt Disney World Resort uses 1,500 alternative-fuel vehicles, including electric golf carts, hybrid trucks, Segways and the electric monorails. “We’re very excited about this program and its potential to help our environmental efforts,” said Jackie Ogden, vice president of Animal Programs and Environmental Initiatives. With each and every mile, these vehicles contribute to lower emissions and, ultimately, a greener tomorrow.

The Disney Cruise Line implemented a new initiative to re-purpose used cooking oil to create bio-diesel fuel for vehicles on Castaway Cay. Used trans-fat-free cooking oil from the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder is offloaded and combined with diesel fuel in a 60 percent oil/40 percent diesel mixture that is utilized to power small vehicles, heavy equipment, refrigerated trucks and other machinery on the island. This innovative program successfully reduced petroleum diesel consumption and decreased carbon emissions.

The Walt Disney World Resort has also had a long standing recycling plant which the company owns and operates. The Walt Disney Theme Parks have a long history of recycling initiatives. All Theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort separates and recycles aluminum, plastic and cardboard. Walt Disney World’s property truly is a self contained city, and the recycling plant is just one part.

The horticulture team at Disney World uses reclaimed water for their irrigation. Manure is used for flower beds and trees and shrubs are grind-ed up and used for mulch. The Walt Disney World has a long tradition of using everything and not wasting.

Tollie Schmidt, who is a self proclaimed dreamer loves the dream and magic behind Walt Disney. Tollie a former WDW Cast member founded Disney Exclusive Online. A Disney Theme Park Exclusive store, Blog, news, tips.Disney Exclusive Online []

Fee Disney World Info []



Walt Disney World® Official Site

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What’s the Best Disney World Ticket Deal for You?

No matter how long you plan to spend on cheap Disney vacations, the price of tickets into the parks will be significant part of your cost. Disney offers a rather confusing array of ticket options, with a lot of add-ons that sound like great deals but may be a waste of money for you. Look at who’s in your party, how long you’re going to be there and what kind of vacation you want before deciding to purchase a ticket package.

Tickets into Walt Disney World begin with a set price ticket for one park on one day. The price increases about the same amount for the second and third days, each increase being about the same price as the original ticket. For 2011, the announced prices for one adult are $82 for one day, $162 for two days and $224 for three days. The discount deals come in when you are going to visit the parks for four or more days. Add one more day, and it’s $10 more. Every additional day after that is around an extra $5. Walt Disney World rewards you for staying longer by giving you cheaper park entrances after three days.

All prices reported are before Taxes are added.

# of Days Adult (10+ ) Child (3 – 9 )
1 $ 82 $ 74
2 $162 $146
3 $224 $202
4 $232 $209
5 $237 $214
6 $242 $219
7 $247 $224
8 $252 $229
9 $257 $234
10 $262 $239

For those who are planning on staying longer, a four day or longer pass might be worth the extra money. There is a catch, however. All tickets into Walt Disney World parks expire after 14 days. There is no leaving and coming back six months later with tickets these days. It’s use them or lose them. Disney does offer a no-expiration addition to your tickets, but the cost is not cheap: adding this option to a 10-day ticket almost doubles the cost of admission.

For more Disney World park fun on a cheap Disney vacation think about purchasing a 3-day pass and adding the park-hopper option. This addition to your base ticket gives you the option to visit as many parks as you like in a day, instead of the normal one-day one-park base ticket. The park hopper addition is $54, no matter how many days you visit the parks. Go to Magic Kingdom in the morning, then visit Epcot for dinner and fireworks. Take a sunrise safari in Animal Kingdom and finish the evening riding the water slides at Typhoon Lagoon. You’ll fit more Disney World fun into fewer days.

The best ticket value depends on your family and your stamina. Your plans for each Disney park as well as your hotel or resort will be a big factor in your decision. Study all the options and use creative thinking to plan your ticket purchase for your cheap Disney vacation.

Anne Baley is a Florida resident and veteran Walt Disney World guest. She has explored Disney World dozens of times, always looking for new and unique ways to get more out of a trip for less money. Baley writes about every possible way to get discounts on your Disney vacation at [].



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Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando) – 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Disney is a great place to visit. They pay attention to detail, and lots for everyone to do. This experience is not cheap, and be prepared to wait in line. For the not so experienced visitor, spend some time researching online how and when to make your fast pass, and dinning…

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Date of experience: July 2019